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Awakened Mama

The Awakened Mama Podcast with Molly Nichols takes an honest, holistic and spiritual look at our fertility, pregnancy and motherhood. The podcast is a collection of inspirational and educational talks and interviews, paired with healing meditations and visualization exercises that speak directly to your soul. Awakened Mama is a podcast for women seeking inner change and transformation for themselves and their families, from preconception to motherhood.

Dec 14, 2017

Whether you're on your fertility journey, a new mama, or a seasoned mama, you're going to love today's episode of the Awakened Mama podcast…

“How to Be a Well Mama with Caroline Zwickson"

Caroline is a women's health & life coach who is deeply passionate about supporting mamas in feeling their absolute best: mind, body, and spirit.

During this loving interview with Caroline you'll learn…

How to love and accept yourself and your body after you birth your baby

How to begin identifying how you want to feel as a mama

How to manage perfectionism in motherhood

Why some women may be suffering from delayed postpartum and may not even know it

And so much more

I truly hope that you enjoy this very inspiring conversation!