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Awakened Mama

The Awakened Mama Podcast with Molly Nichols takes an honest, holistic and spiritual look at our fertility, pregnancy and motherhood. The podcast is a collection of inspirational and educational talks and interviews, paired with healing meditations and visualization exercises that speak directly to your soul. Awakened Mama is a podcast for women seeking inner change and transformation for themselves and their families, from preconception to motherhood.

Sep 17, 2017

In this episode I had the honor of chatting with Certified Health Coach, Doula, and Reiki Practitioner, Bri Braggs from Fertility Alchemy.

I first came across Bri’s work on Instagram, and was soooo inspired by her passion, work and message.  

In our conversation, you’ll hear Bri’s wise and passionate advice on...

  • How you can consciously prepare your body for pregnancy
  • The importance of boundaries, joy and creativity
  • How to restore feminine balance in your life
  • Plus how you can create a new narrative around what it means to live a fertile life.  

You also hear Bri and I talk about diversity in the fertility space, and what many women of color are experiencing and going through while on the fertility journey.  

I had so many personal ah-ha moments during this interview, and have made changes in my personal life as well as in my business because of the beautiful insights that Bri shares.